You have a lake, and from that lake you carve a river and that river is life. Life has a purposes or purposes and without purposes or purposes there is no life. The mere existence, ‘to exist’ is a purpose too.

Is that river a right or is it an obligation? I think the river preceded the existence of those concepts. But I know what legal rights means…

You block the river so it cannot flow freely. and on the block you carve paths that lead who knows where, and those paths are ‘rights’.

They are misleading as they appear as ‘freedoms’, only what is missed is that those freedoms wouldn’t exist without the blocks.

I could say my life is my right, but that wouldn’t be enough for it is my obligation too. I don’t have a choice whether I should eat or not. So, I don’t think that -despite appearances- anybody has the right to limit my life nor that I am truly obliged to obey.

That is the difference between ethics and laws.


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