Their defenses offend them

You know what, I’m ‘tired’ of mumbling my words because a respectful percentage of people wont have any idea what I talk about or thoroughly misunderstand and yet be thoroughly convinced they do understand what I write and say.

I’m going to nail the nail mercilessly, but I ain’t going to nail it to any person’s head. I’m going to nail it to their enemy’s head. Because although most love and worship their enemies some others strive to break free from them, and I’m here to serve them and not anybody else.

What enemy? I said it’s not a person. What is it then? It’s their straw man.

Your straw man is like a voodoo doll. Somebody beats it, and you somehow perceive it and you think you’re being beaten. You aren’t though. Moreover, it is you who beats it. Funny isn’t it?

If you get busy defending your straw man, you’re going to get busy being offended. And that offense cannot occur without your consent.

The defending oneself in life is a function of the mind –and it can become one of it’s main functions, the more one does it. And ironically, whenever you operate based on your mind’s contents you get the opposite than what you go for. The mind is rigged so you’ll get the opposite than what you go for and it will be done by means you don’t quite understand. The mind is a ‘tool’ gradually given to you by others that eventually turns against you, for that’s what it’s meant to do. It is like a computer that gradually sucks you in it’s own ‘matrix’. And one of the things you are given inside that ‘matrix’ is an identity or identities that you think you are but you aren’t –your straw men.

The operator of that mind and that matrix is nobody else but you, the spiritual being. However, as long as you operate and believe in it, the tool you yourself operate can be turned against you. That was a thought-up way to victimize spirits –to make them thoroughly believe that they were being victimized. And the reason for that was that they couldn’t possibly be victimized, but they could believe so.

What could happen to you as a spiritual being? Absolutely nothing. But something could happen to what you thought you were but actually weren’t.

Right; let’s get practical with this. The vast majority of thoughts a person occupies himself with stem from the mind, and that is why he can get victimized. Psychologists asserts no genuinely new thoughts can exist, that they all stem from or are combinations of the past. And although that is true for the mind, it is not true for the spiritual being. But psychology is not at all related to spiritual beings.

And I’d suggest those who want to, to focus on the spiritual being for it is no use trying to repair what is inherently meant to fail –the mind. Collective insanity, war, slavery are products of each participating person’s mind, that agreed upon appear to become collective. And when it comes to social as well as to person matters the mind suggests dumb solutions like ‘if I complain and blame others enough, others will feel guilty enough to do what I (the mind again) want them to’. Well, such stuff are not needed. Nobody needs to turn against another to solve anything. All you need to do is realize you don’t need that junk and quit using it, regardless of how it begs to be used, regardless how you’ve been taught to use it (those two are not irrelevant).

New thoughts can be made, but only from the maker of thought –the spirit. The mind is like a computer and it is not a creator itself. And although some aspire to create creative artificial intelligence, that is impossible for they themselves -on the same time- don’t believe genuine creativity can exist. Well, it can’t exist. It can only exist for a spirit. That is the genuine creator.

I’m not suggesting you should become stupid, nor a ‘believer’. I am suggesting you should become clever and quit believing, for that’s what the mind is about. You see a chair and you think ‘chair’. Well wrong, it isn’t a chair. It is what you’re seeing. The ‘chair’ is an additive concept you add to it by yourself while you’re looking at it. And that’s a lot of mind there. That concept is an old unoriginal concept ‘stored’ in the mind, from your past. The adding thoughts onto what you perceive is a completely unnecessary action; leave alone to dwell in thoughts that are not even vaguely related to what you’re perceiving.

Remember the ‘meditation’ I’ve talk about; perceive a spiritual being, without making any thoughts whatsoever. It appears easy and simple and there’s possibly not much to it huh? But how many can and actually do it? Do it and your life start changing vastly the moment you do it. I don’t mean you, I mean you life, all of it, just like that. This is not psychology I talk about. This is about you and your mind wont show you what you can do, but only what it’s programmed to. You deep inside know what you can do.


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