Decriminalize life first

I’ve been hearing a lot about decriminalizing drugs lately. Actually, I was just reading about decriminalizing heroin and other hard drugs in some specific state. And on the more ‘liberty’ spectrum of politics, I’ve been hearing how dominating all space with few business, and disallowing (by law too) small business to grow is ‘freedom’. But because my belief in vague, symbolic words such as ‘freedom’ is not as bold as it used to be, I know if I made a cup of coffee and went out to sell it, or if I sold something like garlic powder as means to ease inflammation somebody would approach me and let me know I was breaking the law, unless he was very impolite and did more than just that. I would be doing something ‘dangerous’, huh?

I really have zero problems with decriminalizing drugs, guns, and other things that can bring about death (even if sweetly and slowly). But it’s hypocritical and inconsistent if one -on the same time- is not allowed to live, except through specific channels readily made for him so he’ll be earning barely enough to get by in the heavily regulated free market, and then put the blame on the zodiac, on God and on the Martians for his fate and blame his genes for feeling bad about it.

Now days, in the ‘free market’ it’s illegal to even collect rain water or grow your own potatoes, so you wont hurt Nestle’s and Monsanto’s feelings. But adopting ways to destroy yourself by fancy means should not be frowned upon, for it is your right, right?

Well, my own death is my right, indeed. My life is my right too.


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