Our forbidden potential

It is pretty common to hear now days -particularly by specific political factions- that poverty exists due to laziness and/or disability. And it is also pretty common to hear -by other specific political factions- that such attributes are inherent, and permanent, and thus no blame should be assigned to such people.

It would all be easy if there was some particular group or groups that were evil, and on the opposite side there were some good guys that compensated for that evil. Alas, it is not like that. A somewhat clever enemy plays on both sides, tries to control both sides, and he never appears as a bad guy, as an enemy.  That is betrayal.

A truth about this matter is that past a point in recent history efforts were made to make humans fit in a machine, so they will operate factories and other parts of a greater machine called society. That’s what they envisioned, although that plan never came to complete fruition and never will.

It was one of those machine owners that made what is called today education a compulsory right. I don’t know what sense it makes to have something be compulsory and a right on the same time. But that’s what he did. The asserted reason why he did that was -of course- to have a clever, educated population, since he was a caring philanthropist. The actual reason was that he wanted to determine what thoughts humans would be carrying in their heads, as well as what thoughts they would refuse to carry. And that never fully worked out either, and never will.

A problem with having a human fit in a machine is that his desires, appetites, interests, opinions, thoughts… are unlimited. And being unlimited he is not interested to be part of a machine. He must become limited. And some have been very busy doing that to people. But that’s old news, it didn’t just start in recent history. What new occurred in recent history was that the technology to develop actual machines and factories was developed. It wasn’t developed to enslave man of course, it was developed to help him. There is nothing wrong with technology itself. There is nothing wrong with science itself. There is everything wrong with misusing those things and giving them a bad name –much like it’s happened with philosophy, spirituality, religion, art and so on. Those things are neither good nor bad all by themselves. What makes them good or bad is the intention(s) behind them.

I as an ordinary simple person have had a variety of interests. And I have developed a variety of skills too, which I can use with ease. Alas, I am not allowed to. I could repair the majority of problems you computer could have. I could help a person feel better about his or her divorce and -why not- even repair (undo) the divorce itself, if that’s what is wanted. I could help a company run much much smoother. I could help a physically ill person recover much faster, and many other things. Alas, if I freely did that somebody would get his feelings hurt. I could point out some such people but it doesn’t matter. What matters is I am forced to only be occupied with a single profession that I mastered in less a few months, and I’ve been practicing for years. And I have no more interest in it, but I have to practice it in order to make some money. And my other skills are wasted. If I used them somebody would approach and ask me ‘where is your license to use your skills? Well, ‘where is your license to ask me for I license?’ I should normally ask, but that would be too reasonable for such people. What matters is what I could offer is limited that way, what another could receive is limited as well, and my wallet is thus limited too.

The convincing people they are limited in potential is intentional, and poverty is intentional too, as well as a byproduct of convincing people their potential is limited. It has nothing to do with ‘laziness’ nor with inherent disabilities. Inherent physical disabilities are rare, and some of those can be repaired too. Most are ‘gained’ by being subjected to some elements inside our society. Some are glad about the disabilities of others, and it doesn’t mater which political wing they claim to belong to. It doesn’t matter if somebody accuses you of being disabled if he doesn’t help to become able. He only causes harm that way. And similarly it doesn’t matter if somebody sympathizes with your being disabled if he doesn’t help you become able. He too only causes harm that way, perpetuating that condition. And anyway it isn’t true that you are not able.

In life ability equals to freedom. If an endless ocean of options you can never get caught. If your options are limited, you can get caught. And you can even be made to think those options are ‘freedom’. For thinking like that is part of a previous limitation of options you’ve had.


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