About our spiritual ‘money’

Money in present society is considered means to possess things. It only becomes too unfortunate when one considers he can possess another’s body through money. Nobody really can. It is a very complex process of thought that leads some to think of such things. But the truth of the matter is no matter how much money you throw at another’s body, you can’t possess it.

There is a much more effective way to possess something and it will never fail. That is to put your attention onto something. What you put your attention on you have. You put your attention on a tree you have a tree. And by ‘have’ I don’t mean you can legally take it home and bury it in some underground volt. I mean that tree exists for you, while you put your attention on it; and with zero attention on it that tree doesn’t exist for you.

It is the same with thoughts, emotions and everything else. The more attention you put onto something, the more that exists for you. And if all your ‘money’ goes to particular things then maybe you will omit to put your attention on other things. And you might think you ‘know it all’ while you could be missing much. And it is alright if you can control that and put your attention on things, and then stop and put it on something else or stick it onto particular things, at will. What is not alright if you you get stuck onto something or be unable to put your attention onto something. That’s a problem.

Things that -even very indirectly- threaten our survival tend to absorb our attention, while on the same time they tend to scatter it away. So then they become ‘something I have to have attention on, although I don’t want to’. Pain is a good example.

If two persons become absorbed with endlessly and in vain trying to prove each other wrong and that they are right themselves, they miss a potentially much greater picture. In case of a couple they might even omit to ever put their attention on what brought them together in the first place –and that hopefully wasn’t to have somebody to fight against.

Unlike the social ‘free market’, the ‘spiritual world’ if full of potential. And what you put your attention on, and what you get is entirely up to you. I’d suggest to focus on what you want, like and to not focus on what you don’t, so you will indeed get what you want and like.


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