More about the blog’s future

Because certain portions of my life have been rather chaotic, I have been holding back from creating a more official, more artistic, more proper way of writting some things that I’d like to write.

My intention in writting is not so much to write something interesting, but rather something of practical value. And I consider that I should be able to have things be alright, before I talk about how to have things be alright.

I don’t necessarily think that before a person wrote how to -for example- make money, he should rich, for it might not be within his interests to be that. I do think however, he should be able to be rich if he so wishes, and quickly too.

Also, as I can understand and as you can understand I have been writting about a wide variety of topics; from wild spirituality to microeconomics. And I’m going to -bit by bit- sort that out and organise it from now on. There is going to be at least one more page, and it will not be my ‘personal’ page. It will be a page concerning a particular topic. This first one will be a page with practical philosophical, spiritual ‘hints and tips’.  And I intend to make it a useful one, as well as a good looking one. Next, I’m going to show you the logo and when you see it you’ll know it’s mine… It’s been a long time since I last used illustrator.

As for that book…that’s what I want the most. But I still need to sort some things out before I can confidently know that I wont be correcting it over and over after I’ve written it. I need some more time. I want somebody to get ahold of it and ‘gain’ something that I’ve gained too.

Something’s really changed about me and my life lately. I’m starting so many projects I’m not going to have time for them all. And it feels great.




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