Destroy but

I’d like to write down a little tip, a little ‘life hack’ you could say.

I don’t like to give directions and I don’t. If somebody heads anywhere near where I head to I could make his trip easier, if I know how to.

Looking back at my life I have realized a lot of things that I use to do that didn’t suit my purposes, although they appeared to. One of those things was to attempt to destroy what I felt I was involuntarily involved with. And like I tell myself, I’d also tell others ‘really guys, don’t do it’.

It is a trap. It’s like being inside an iron maiden but in a vacuum in-between those spikes that could pierce through you. And then somebody comes along and tells you ‘you ought to push yourself back towards those spikes’. And you go like ‘noway, I’m going to push forward’. So you get spiked the other way.

The secret is you shouldn’t push either way. I’m not saying to be inactive. I’m saying don’t push. It doesn’t work. History says it does, but it doesn’t.

Have a look at those recent past years, if you want. How many destructive reactions against adverse conditions have had any good effect, and how many backfired at the guys that reacted? If you research it yourself, and if you don’t believe in words you’ll see that never worked out.

What works out is the creative part of it –the creating an alternative as well as the un-creating the current condition. The ultra-rich media bash at capitalism every day, and yet it doesn’t go away. Why do they do it? Because resisting something doesn’t put you above it -that is a myth- it makes you it’s victim. They don’t offer any viable solution, they just bash at things. They don’t tell you how to be better, they tell you things are sh*t.

When did anybody teach people how to make money within this system without lying to them? Perhaps in older times, or perhaps is specialized business schools. They say work equals money. If was true, workers would be the wealthiest of all. Or they say ‘hate the system’. And the more you hate it -while you also work for it- the worse you feel about it, and the less you achieve, and the more you feel it’s victim.

My tip is to focus on the creative part, and to make it in accordance to your viewpoint alone. You need to create your wealth, your good relationships, your good this and that. Don’t turn against anything. Don’t push against any spikes. If you see spikes do nothing about them. Don’t respond to being taunted. Create what you want to happen. That’s my tip.


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