How to spot facts and paths

I’m generally not very bothered what others do with themselves and with each other, but I have encountered many times people who are completely clueless -or they seem to be- that they are on a path that leads to the complete opposite direction than what they wish to head to. And I feel sorry for them but I also think if I point out to them what they do they wont understand.

Not only have I studied but I have also experienced myself the ‘dark side’ of life, and so I can recognize it when I see it. The problem is I see it too often. And so I don’t want to get into details what those sides are, because I’d need to write on and on and on… But I would like to only mention a couple things to keep in mind, and may they be of help to you.

1. Perceive, don’t listen.

It doesn’t matter how many say something, it doesn’t matter what happens to others or what is said to happen to others. Never take something as fact that you’re not perceiving yourself.

2. A path ought to end.

Paths have a purpose, and that purpose is to end somewhere. If they don’t end, or if they don’t lead where they say they lead to they are false, or you just don’t take the path yourself all the way, like you’re supposed to.

Bottom down, you could arrive at the end of a path by completely illogical means. You could say ‘each time I eat a nacho, I will feel more enlightened’ or ‘ladies will fell more attracted to me’ or something. You could, because without your own creating your enlightenment or the opposite those things cannot exist. However, if you do take a logical path and it’s supposed to end, then it must end; and you must know from the beginning where and when it will.


Love and hate

We could vaguely divide all emotional states into two categories and call them love and hate.

Love would be all those emotions that go together with acknowledging the being that which is loved. The higher the love, the more the consequent harmony between that which loves and that which is loved, and the more their wills can match.

Hate would be all those emotions that go together with a conceived separateness and opposition against that which is hated. And that would result in more and more problems.

A third condition could be that of nothing, neither love nor hate; as for either love or hate to exist, both that which loves or hates and that which is loved or hated must exist as well.

It is an oddity that solutions to our problems are often said to be attained through hate, through creating opposition; as without opposition there can be no problem.

More about going through hardships in life

Parmenides, an ancient Greek philosopher states in his poem ‘on nature’ that existence cannot exist and not exist altogether. Either existence exists or it doesn’t exist. And that has been the basis of logic of many philosophers as well as of others who aren’t philosophers.

In the same poem, answering his own question ‘how or why something exists’ he responds that something cannot exist out of nothing and so existence neither has a beginning nor an end, neither in terms of time nor in terms of size.

However, out of that poem’s translations it isn’t clear what ‘existence’ Parmenides referred to. He merely said ‘being’. And if you examine Christianity or materialism you will find a similar notion on their basis; that either God or the universe neither have a beginning nor an end. Christianity -of course- differs to materialism as it also asserts that ‘creation’ is possible, that God may create something as well as destroy it, while materialism asserts that’s impossible.

I don’t want to make critique what others think, but I want make clear I differentiate myself from that logic altogether. The ‘is or is not’ logic cannot clarify how or why something is or is not, and although I don’t assert any ‘existence out of nothing’ either, I assert infinity.

Like ‘nothing’, infinity isn’t something that can truly be spoken of, that can truly be described. All that can be described is finite, and all that can be conceived is finite, otherwise they would be nothing in particular. There is a huge difference between ‘nothing’ and ‘nothing in particular’, and the difference is potentiality.

Our potential to conceive things is unlimited. If you could conceive something that couldn’t be conceived of you would be proving your yourself wrong, as you would be conceiving it. That which can conceive, that which can create (as well as destroy) is unlimited, infinity.

Humans play this game: They conceive something and then point out how that conceived thing ‘exists’, but they omit the fact that it is themselves that conceive it. And they omit the fact that just like they can conceive something, they can also not conceive it. And it can get more complex that that. They can go and  fight each other which conceived thing truly exists and which does not. But all conceived things ‘truly exist’ for that which conceives and perceives it.  Of course, if you communicate with another and that other gives you a concept that you perceive, that concept is then true for you too, until you quit conceiving it. Do you realize the endless circles people can put themselves in like that?

Instead of ‘is or is not’, I say there is ’cause and effect’. Cause and effect is a property of infinity. And cause and effect is all that can exist. Through cause and effect infinity becomes finite things and it perceives itself. To cause is to create, and effect is the perception of what is created in the exact moment and place that it is created. And both of those properties are your own properties, as well as the properties of all other beings.

Unless you communicated, all that would exist for you, all you could know would be what you created yourself for yourself to know. But in life we do communicate, and thus one can create something for another to perceive as well, if that other causes unto oneself to perceive another’s creation. And thus we can also have problems, becoming confused who creates what, wondering how come something exists and what to do about it, and so on. But the truth of the matter is that communication is a creation too. It is -however- a creation without which life in this universe cannot exist. This universe is an interaction of creations of many beings. In fact it is not a single universe. It is a combination what you, I and others create.

The universe is like the internet, and what each one perceives is like what each computer ‘downloads’ from the internet. Moreover, within each computer things can be created for itself as well as for other computers to ‘know’. But if that computer no longer connected to the internet, it would only have it’s own contents. The internet is a combination of computers, and it is not a single computer, although -I can imagine- some would wish to possess it all.

How can this information be of use to you? Let’s go back to ’cause and effect’ and keep this ‘in mind’; the more you seek to know, the more you seek to be effect, and the more you seek to create the more you seek to make things happen. There is no other road. There can only be creation and knowing what creation is. And the way to get your life back into your hands is to be more cause, and then you may also experience what you cause. Do you think you don’t know how to be cause? It is impossible to not be cause, as you need to cause yourself to be effect (to know) in the first place. Without cause there is only potential for cause and there is nothing else –or what some others would say ‘there is nothing’.

How could you be cause unto your life? There isn’t really any limit, but you need to keep something in mind; just like you’re fully entitled by yourself to be yourself (infinity) so is everybody else. And for as long as others as included, they must be allowed to be themselves too. If we fight each other who should create what, whose creations are valid and whose are not, we all lose. And if you encounter such fights you’d better not participate, for fighting is trying to limits each other, trying to deny our nature that is infinity.

We all can create and experience the life we wish to experience without reducing anybody else. But if we try to do the second, we also negate the first. For all beings and their respective cause and effect are infinity, and infinity is all beings and their respective cause and effect.

The point of balance between life and being

Many nice things can be said about the basic being. And all that I say I say out of myself, not out of another’s words, although other’s words have greatly helped as maps for things to find myself. And so, I do the same, in turn and I am only addressed to those who’d like to receive such a thing from me.

When it comes to life how can those things be useful? Life is not static. Absolute static life would not be alive. In life there is energy, there is motion, there are forces that we can divide into either supportive of or against life. Planets, Galaxies, the flow of blood are all in motion. But the basic being is not. It is not an object, it is infinity, and as infinity it is not part of life, but life is a part of it.

It is not true that we are all contained in a box, that we are parts. We are not parts, only objects can be parts. Our bodies are parts made of smaller and smaller parts. Planets are parts of a greater whole. But infinity is not a part; infinity is.

So how can knowing this be useful in life at all? I personally haven’t take the strict guru’s path of constant meditation and abstention from life. And basically, for as long as a guru exists, life exists too. The realization of my nature -however- has consequently brought about great clarity of what is, great comfort, joy and less suffering.

I understand very few can understand this but there is no common universe. The so called ‘universe’ is not one. The consideration that what happens to another will consequently happen to you too is utterly false. Only if you make that happen will it happen. It wont matter if you’re the last person on Earth unto whom something doesn’t happen. And in a similar fashion things may happen to you that happen to nobody else.

What you are experiencing right now is unique only for you. Nobody else experiences the exact same thing otherwise that other would be you. So don’t go and look what bad things happen to others and think that they will happen to you too. You can live in the poorest country in the world and be wealthy or to have a great relationship when others don’t. But if you look how others live like and what rules they make for themselves and what perception of ‘the world’ they have and adopt a similar perspective, a similar way of thinking and try to do the same, the same you will become –almost the same, otherwise you would be them. Remember, you are not contained as infinity, you contain.

The only true time is the now. And the only true place is the here. Everything else can only be speculated, assumed, talked about, read about, but you have no power there, for you cannot be in places and times you are not. On the contrary in an absolute here and now things can be alright, unless you say otherwise. ‘Alright’ is how is how life is supposed to be.

This is how I found my own balance in life –a combination of the limited universe and infinity if you will. Don’t be carried away by uncontrollable thoughts, specially other’s thoughts. Don’t be occupied with the unknown. Don’t wonder and don’t worry. All that is, all that can be known is here and now. Be fierce in being in your here and now and in perceiving without assuming, without fighting, without any additives. Then you may also create good experiences too.

Two masks

The basic being most often puts on ‘masks’ in life.

The surface mask is that of social manners, what he considers to be socially acceptable, so he will please and not upset others, nor put himself in trouble. Sometimes the last one prevails, and so instead of putting on a pleasant masks one might wish to put a scary one, so as to hide his own fear.

The second masks is what he thinks himself to be below the surface mask. If somebody shows something but he thinks himself to be something else, he then puts on two masks.

Below those two masks lies perfection. So neither of those ever truly serves a being.

The only problem is that in human life it is not possible to live as a spiritual being. One needs to assume a human identity, and above that human identity, even more identities get piled up, and those identities are what the being thinks it is (masks), and those often get covered by social identities (masks) too.

By realizing the nature of those masks -that they merely are it’s own creations- the being ‘becomes’ free. In fact it is always free. It is the masks that are used by it, and so by thinking it is them, it can feel it is used too, but it never truly is.

So, if you realized your own or somebody else’s surface mask and felt disappointed at what you found behind, understand that’s not the basic being either. There is no such thing as a ‘bad being’, although there can be lying about what is actually being.

Understanding will better

I am a student and as a student I can only speak of things I have learnt. But I honestly do speak of things I have learnt, and not of things I have read or heard. I do test things I am interested in on myself routinely. And so I can learn by experience, and understand them better.

I have been examining my will ever since I can remember myself. I always suspected there was a connection between my will and events that ‘occurred’. Very often the connection seemed to be an opposite connection and that puzzled me. Sometimes my will seemed to be aligned with events while other times it appeared to be misaligned.

Will is not a subject that can easily be understood by many; for most don’t exercise much. It is not that they can’t. It is just that they don’t understand it. That which can will is fully capable in all, and some times that can be a problem. For just like somebody can bring about good things into his life he can also bring about bad things.

You must have heard that free will is impossible, and that no will at all is possible. And I don’t want to argue about that. Just like I had noticed something different and pursued and tried hard to understand more about it, so do others have the right (their will) to know what they want to know.

It is not true that a strong willed person is he who takes other’s will away. Only the opposite is true. If your will clashes against another’s it is you who loses it, not the other. That other must respond in a similar manner to lose his own. Because of reasons too complex to describe, it can appear like it is the opposite, and it can be very convincing. But it is not.

Just like with all others posts of mine you have been free to read through or not. And if you will to understand then you can, and if you don’t will it you can still read but probably not understand or misunderstand. Understanding occurs between one and another, and one needs to pay with a will to understand so he can understand. And without a will to understand that cannot occur. To make another understand without his will is impossible, for each one’s will is only valid for oneself.

But what is ‘oneself’? That can be a different ‘problem’ to understand. I can go on and say many things that could make some blissful or freak others out, only because their individual understanding of what I’d say would be so different.

Bottom down it is one’s own task to understand himself, if he wills it. I can only be used as an assistant by those who will it. Because I am incredibly excited by what I’ve learnt, and so I am very willing to be ‘used’ for that purpose. But I am very unwilling to try to convince those who will to be convinced, or to be stuck in the kindergarten class forever. I am so happy when I occasionally meet others who have a similar perspective to my own. I’d be much happier if I contributed to such a thing myself.

I have reached a point that I can understand that what our very basic nature is, is the best thing we could possibly conceive and that anything we might feel is lacking will forever be untrue. And as a consequence of understanding myself better, I understand my will better as well.

I am open to those who seek the same. I don’t see any point in trying to convince anybody. I am really very OK with others pursuing their own path(s) no matter what those are, as I am not driven by any penalty like that ‘if others don’t agree with me something bad will happen to me’. And if some others wish to know more about this, if they wish to have better control over their own lives, I will gladly say more.

Thought is free

You are free to think of anything you will, anyplace, anytime.

There is nothing you cannot think of. The mere thinking that you ‘can’t’ think of something shows that you can as you think of it.

You are also free to think that other things make you think of other things. But that whole sequence cannot start without you, for thought exists because of you. You are it’s creator.

Societies may get that in reverse, and instead of trying to control their own thought, try to control each other’s so that they can control their own. So then one one may be accused what the other thinks. Or another may think that reason why he or she makes nice thoughts is something exterior to that person. Neither is true.

One needs nothing to make good and bad thoughts alike.

Don’t make the same mistake; not so that you will have good manners, but for your own sake, and afterwards for the sake of others too. There is nothing to blame for what you think, and you cannot be blamed for what another thinks of, either. But if you insist that blaming is true you will also insist that freedom is not true, for how can one be free to think and also blame another on the same time?

Adapting (?)

All there is, is problems –all material that is.

You can’t walk through a wall, defy gratify, be 2 years ahead. Everything this universe is, is problems.

Our nature is not problems though. We can pick a rock up, the rock can’t pick itself up. We are that force or forces that play with problems.

We may think a problem up in order to resolve it. And we can resolve it because we are the solution. We don’t have the problem’s properties, quantities, qualities.

In resolving a problem we feel -more or less- freer. Because in creating it part of us becomes unfree –that’s what a problem is, unfreedom.

So how does adapting to a problem makes one better, freer? Giving up, submitting to what you fear does give a temporary relief, for you get rid of the problems associating with trying to resolve something. But the problem doesn’t go away that way. You need to create the problem to have it. And the solution is not to adapt to it, it is to not put it there.

Don’t adapt to problems. Adapt to yourself. Don’t seek completeness in the material, you are complete.

A misunderstanding about power

Because the word power has repeatedly been given an evil significance by numerous individuals and movements, those who has seeked to check evil -or have claimed to do so- have tried to check power as well.

Although power is needed to physically harm somebody, power is also needed to lift a brick, to build a home or even to cook. If one’s body had zero power it’d probably be dead. There can be no living with zero power. Life exerts power over the material structure of this universe. And if one seeked to nullify all power he’d seek to nullify life.

An evil ‘leader’ doesn’t have power. That’s another misunderstanding. In order for such a person to control others he needs to ‘trigger’ them. And he does so with no-power. To threaten another with death is to threaten him with no-power, and it is not to give him power nor to exert power over him. Punishment is a reduction of somebody’s power.

If one can employ enough power he doesn’t need to reduce other’s power to be powerful, and whether others are powerful or not is not a threat for him.

The animal logic of ‘overpower or be overpowered’, ‘eat or be eaten’ applies to animals, but it doesn’t apply to spiritual beings. A spiritual being is what it knows. There is no ‘a being against another thing’; there is the being. And by identifying itself as a body it may also think and act like that; but that doesn’t work out well, for it isn’t true.

If you expect caring expect it from one who can employ too much power. It doesn’t mean he will employ it to harm. It will mean he will not fear it, and it will mean he will not need to reduce your own (like he reduces ‘his’ own) –to harm you.

Basically, everybody can. It is with our thinking that we may reduce ourselves so as to appear as if we couldn’t.

Reaction as motivation

For some reaction is the only sort of possible motivation. Something needs to happen to a person for that person to react against. And some call that freedom, or maybe an effort to be free from what they react against; but is it?

Lets assume that somebody makes a relationship and then some things happen in that relationship and then an end comes. And lets assume that relationship also had some importance for that person and she or he doesn’t feel that good about it, and he or she also makes some decisions after that relationship, like ‘I wont trust as easily again’, ‘I shouldn’t be so emotional’ and so on. I think this is a sort of a story many can relate to. So, after such an incident is that person freer or not to have another relationship?

Past decisions may act as barriers in present and future, if recalled. And the problem with that is that the past is not an extant things, and if brought into the present it becomes extant, at least in ones thinking.

Reaction is not a good motivation. In fact it is the way how one accumulates barriers, inabilities, compulsions that are seemingly beyond his control. They aren’t really, for one creates that all with his thinking, by recalling the past. And because that mode of operation can be popular, group discussions may also revolve around such things. It is a peculiarity of politics to be reactive, for one to try to be the opposite of the other, no matter what that is. And that brings progress to an halt.

How is progress attained? How is anything attained? One can try the reaction route but it wont lead him very far. One can draw some momentum from anger and other emotions that may be motivated from the past, and some can also be useful in a condition of emergency, but that usefulness doesn’t last for long. And ‘toxic’ emotions are corrosive for the one that employs them.

The best route to attain something is too simple, you just make it happen. And the motivation is what to happen.

Don’t be driven by the past, because you’re then liable to carry that ‘baggage’ with you. Be driven by yourself, by what you will accomplished, and never recall a thing. All the knowledge that’s needed exists in present, for only that is truly extant.