Destroy but

I’d like to write down a little tip, a little ‘life hack’ you could say.

I don’t like to give directions and I don’t. If somebody heads anywhere near where I head to I could make his trip easier, if I know how to.

Looking back at my life I have realized a lot of things that I use to do that didn’t suit my purposes, although they appeared to. One of those things was to attempt to destroy what I felt I was involuntarily involved with. And like I tell myself, I’d also tell others ‘really guys, don’t do it’.

It is a trap. It’s like being inside an iron maiden but in a vacuum in-between those spikes that could pierce through you. And then somebody comes along and tells you ‘you ought to push yourself back towards those spikes’. And you go like ‘noway, I’m going to push forward’. So you get spiked the other way.

The secret is you shouldn’t push either way. I’m not saying to be inactive. I’m saying don’t push. It doesn’t work. History says it does, but it doesn’t.

Have a look at those recent past years, if you want. How many destructive reactions against adverse conditions have had any good effect, and how many backfired at the guys that reacted? If you research it yourself, and if you don’t believe in words you’ll see that never worked out.

What works out is the creative part of it –the creating an alternative as well as the un-creating the current condition. The ultra-rich media bash at capitalism every day, and yet it doesn’t go away. Why do they do it? Because resisting something doesn’t put you above it -that is a myth- it makes you it’s victim. They don’t offer any viable solution, they just bash at things. They don’t tell you how to be better, they tell you things are sh*t.

When did anybody teach people how to make money within this system without lying to them? Perhaps in older times, or perhaps is specialized business schools. They say work equals money. If was true, workers would be the wealthiest of all. Or they say ‘hate the system’. And the more you hate it -while you also work for it- the worse you feel about it, and the less you achieve, and the more you feel it’s victim.

My tip is to focus on the creative part, and to make it in accordance to your viewpoint alone. You need to create your wealth, your good relationships, your good this and that. Don’t turn against anything. Don’t push against any spikes. If you see spikes do nothing about them. Don’t respond to being taunted. Create what you want to happen. That’s my tip.

More about cause and effect

I was reading an article the other day; an interview of a professor in some university who asserted that cause and effect can’t exist for humans. Or maybe let me rephraze that in more common language: He asserted that free will is impossible, and he claimed to be able to proove it scientifically.

Now, aside from the fact he claimed he had prooved thousands of years of philosophical inquiry wrong, I got very upset thinking that guy was lying. But now I feel much better about it. And I don’t think he was lying. Most probably he was speaking what was an actuality for him. The problem is he asserted with absolute, unchallengeable certainty that’s an actuality for everybody else as well.

I do think it is possible for a person to have tiny to almost no free will. I am also certain that is not an actuality for me as well as for others. It varies from person to person, moment to moment… After all free will could not be free at all if it was some permanent condition. Free will stems from the impermanent. It is potential free will. Or it is not at all but it can be (exist).

I know I can decide to serve myself a glass of water, whether I am thirsty or not, whether other external circumstances exist or not. I also know I can decide not to. That I’m writting this article right now has nothing to do with any external causes, and I don’t have to write it at all. I could even write an awesome article and then decide to not post it. Nothing’s making me to either write nor to post it.

Some can act the same over and over and over and never change. They can follow a certain pattern of thought and behaviour almost forever and never change. And maybe if some external event occurs they can react in very specific ways. Trying to be understood by such a person, trying to make peace and collaborate would be vain and a pain as that would be significant change for them. One can call upon logic, glorify logic accuse you of being illogical and be illogical himself. The same can occur with other things like ethics and love.. And trying to point that out, trying to point his attention at what he himself is like and what he does will be completely vain. However, that condition is not an actuality for everyone. It can be for a minority and it could temporarily occur to anybody.

Such persons call upon authority to make themselves convincing, and to gain power themselves based on that authority, and authority is always something forceful. I don’t mean any particular authority. One can call upon ‘the universe’, ‘God’, ‘society’, ‘science’, ‘the people’ etc. They call upon vague things that be directly observed, and they call upon them with absolute certainty. I don’t mean to imply that whomever calls upon authority is like that. But if a person routinely does nothing but that and others believe him, he will be authority over them. The irony is that poor person is not even authority over himself. Like I mentioned above, no free will.

When somebody who doesn’t allow any free will unto himself observes the free will of others, he gets thoroughly triggered and he tries to stop it, destroy it. And that can be done gently or not. They don’t do it out of envy or anything like that. They only do to others what they do to themselves, and that doesn’t pertain to just them. Don’t expect from a -for example- compulsive liar to not lie to himself about things. One could accuse another about some absurd thing and even believe it himself.

It can be very useful to know that authority is not power. It is an effort to compensate for not having any power. A person who couldn’t even serve himself his own soup would -gently or not- force others to do it, and while they were doing it he’d stop them from doing it. And that would make them very upset and confused people, like he is himself.

A person that can truly control himself and his life thoroughly wont need to forcefully control others, nor to hinder their own control. He wont feel his own conditions exist due to things other than himself. That’s true power. If you ever meet a super calm and happy and free person know he could kick your ass and hand it to you, although he probably never will, and no one would know what he could do, for he wouldn’t even need to proove himself. And unlike authority, he could save you should your ass be in danger.

More about the blog’s future

Because certain portions of my life have been rather chaotic, I have been holding back from creating a more official, more artistic, more proper way of writting some things that I’d like to write.

My intention in writting is not so much to write something interesting, but rather something of practical value. And I consider that I should be able to have things be alright, before I talk about how to have things be alright.

I don’t necessarily think that before a person wrote how to -for example- make money, he should rich, for it might not be within his interests to be that. I do think however, he should be able to be rich if he so wishes, and quickly too.

Also, as I can understand and as you can understand I have been writting about a wide variety of topics; from wild spirituality to microeconomics. And I’m going to -bit by bit- sort that out and organise it from now on. There is going to be at least one more page, and it will not be my ‘personal’ page. It will be a page concerning a particular topic. This first one will be a page with practical philosophical, spiritual ‘hints and tips’.  And I intend to make it a useful one, as well as a good looking one. Next, I’m going to show you the logo and when you see it you’ll know it’s mine… It’s been a long time since I last used illustrator.

As for that book…that’s what I want the most. But I still need to sort some things out before I can confidently know that I wont be correcting it over and over after I’ve written it. I need some more time. I want somebody to get ahold of it and ‘gain’ something that I’ve gained too.

Something’s really changed about me and my life lately. I’m starting so many projects I’m not going to have time for them all. And it feels great.





A condition wherein one’s motivation for avoiding or getting engaged into something is pain, loss and generally suffering.

The more the motivation is suffering or the avoidance of, the more somebody feels forced to be engaged into something. This can easily change to making the motivation what one actually likes, enjoys.

Example: I work so I wont starve. A little better could be: I work so I will make money. A little better could be: I’m working and I’m enjoying it. Do you notice the difference in terms of freedom?

Another example: I have to go out because others are having fun and I’m not. A little better could be: I’m going out to have some fun with others or even I don’t need to go out as I’m having fun anyway.

Another example: I’m so old I have to get married because nobody will like me. Better: I like you so much I don’t want to part with you or I want to marry you.

Of course, it has to be genuine.


This is a subject that’s been growing big and shouldn’t be ignored. I had some mixed interest back in 2012 and had I been just a little more active, I could have a lot of money by now. I considered it a little shady to make money out of nothing that way, and I had some aversion connected to making money, so I didn’t. You must know however that unless something big changes bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are coming to your town with momentum, and I think that’s good news. Moreover, it still isn’t late to make money through them, if you want to. You just need to understand how the system works and devote a little energy to it.

Cryptocurrencies are essentially currencies of varying value that get distributed on the internet. They are currently decentralized and unlimited and even you can make your own. How do you make your own? Because those currencies are not controlled by banks, each one acts as a part of a collective bank, creating and distributing that currency as well as by participating in transactions –all that by lending his computer’s power. His computer performs the tasks of a bank, and collective computer power creates and distributes those currencies. Right now you can generate or buy such currencies as well as cash out in national fiat currencies. There are even debit cards that you can use with normal ATMs, online shopping and anything else a normal debit card can do.

It’s all currently fully legal (only the debit cards are not allowed in the US, in particular). And it can be a game changer on both an individual, national and international level, as banks and states lose control of the distribution and withholding of money, and that get’s passed to the combined control of individuals. Most importantly all transactions can be made anonymously and for little to no charge at all.

The value of a bitcoin used to be 0$ in 2009 and it is now around 2300$. And although it was ridiculously easy to create or buy them back then it is much harder now. However, alternative cryptocurrencies are constantly being created and they follow a similar modus operandi, and you can trade one for another. Their value goes up as they gain in popularity as well as in functionality. For example, around the time the first bitcoin ATM was made, bitcoin’s value skyrocketed. I’d assume the same will be occurring with other cryptocurrencies as well. Logically, only if they got prohibited through legislation would their value drop significantly. At the moment they’re so legal you have to declare them as property to your tax office (at least in the US), although the declaring them can be almost voluntary since the possessing them can be completely anonymous, and from hard to impossible to track.

A word of caution: This can be very profitable BUT some of those alternative cryptocurrencies might be bubbles too. Like with shares of companies, some profit by buying cheaply and then selling expensively which creates instability in their value. The total value of cryptocurrencies is now around 84 billions and it’s been growing on an almost steady pace. And some own a significant portion of that currency to control a significant portion of the game.

Another thing you could take into consideration is that -logically- as those currencies gain in popularity and functionality, the popularity and functionality of the limited, controlled, inferior national (fiat) currencies will be decreasing. And that’s a good reason why you should study this matter, for it might be of help should such a thing occur. It might take long to occur, or not that long. And it wouldn’t harm if you had 5$ as backup in cryptocurrencies.

Interest, excitement, fun

One could be surprised at how another would prefer to be in trouble, while he could easily not be in trouble, even if he protested against that trouble.

Why does does one prefer to sit and watch airplanes hitting towers on TV for over 500 times, an be terrified for the rest of his life instead of doing nothing, or maybe instead of meditating or something of that sort? Is it because he would learn anything new by watching the same over and over?

Fun is an old desire. And even though we can rationalize our attitude -that we do things for ‘good reasons’- we might often find that our basic intention is to have some fun.

Fun doesn’t always mean ‘being cheerful’. Fun can be to play horror games on xbox too. And it doesn’t necessarily mean physical action. One can have fun playing with his thoughts too.

And the mere desire to have fun can appear to be a glue that glues one to unpleasant conditions. There aren’t always any legit reasons for all the conflicts between humans. The reason might as well be a desire to have some fun.

It can be pretty traumatic to prevent fun, for then one’s desire for fun becomes more frantic as his confidence that he can have it becomes reduced. When children are constantly prevented from having fun the way they usually do (by playing) they might start having fun by complaining, fighting each other or worse. And the same is true for adults too. Adults aren’t really any more serious, or they wouldn’t be unless their freedom to be more playful hadn’t been hindered and they thus have fun by more serious means. Factories were not built for playful fun, they were built for more robotic fun.

There is no actual reason why one cannot stop thinking of troublesome things, and to be completely free from problems. But as one’s confidence of having fun ‘out there’ becomes reduced, he starts having fun in his mind, even by using problems from the long past. You might as well assume that if one was completely free to have fun by any means possible, he would never feel obliged to dwell in his mind like that, for that ‘obligation’ is connected to his own desire for fun. And most importantly nobody could trap him by hindering him from having fun while -on the same time- he offered him particular things to have fun with, so as to control him.

About our spiritual ‘money’

Money in present society is considered means to possess things. It only becomes too unfortunate when one considers he can possess another’s body through money. Nobody really can. It is a very complex process of thought that leads some to think of such things. But the truth of the matter is no matter how much money you throw at another’s body, you can’t possess it.

There is a much more effective way to possess something and it will never fail. That is to put your attention onto something. What you put your attention on you have. You put your attention on a tree you have a tree. And by ‘have’ I don’t mean you can legally take it home and bury it in some underground volt. I mean that tree exists for you, while you put your attention on it; and with zero attention on it that tree doesn’t exist for you.

It is the same with thoughts, emotions and everything else. The more attention you put onto something, the more that exists for you. And if all your ‘money’ goes to particular things then maybe you will omit to put your attention on other things. And you might think you ‘know it all’ while you could be missing much. And it is alright if you can control that and put your attention on things, and then stop and put it on something else or stick it onto particular things, at will. What is not alright if you you get stuck onto something or be unable to put your attention onto something. That’s a problem.

Things that -even very indirectly- threaten our survival tend to absorb our attention, while on the same time they tend to scatter it away. So then they become ‘something I have to have attention on, although I don’t want to’. Pain is a good example.

If two persons become absorbed with endlessly and in vain trying to prove each other wrong and that they are right themselves, they miss a potentially much greater picture. In case of a couple they might even omit to ever put their attention on what brought them together in the first place –and that hopefully wasn’t to have somebody to fight against.

Unlike the social ‘free market’, the ‘spiritual world’ if full of potential. And what you put your attention on, and what you get is entirely up to you. I’d suggest to focus on what you want, like and to not focus on what you don’t, so you will indeed get what you want and like.

Does the government suppress freedom of speech?

Free speech can be ‘lost’ by speaking lies and half truths; particularly of the generalizing hostile/critical kind, that can be so common in ‘anti-‘ rhetorics.

That creates opposing factions that instead of trying to understand and be understood try to convince and to reduce each other’s freedom to speak, among other things.

And that can later on be reflected on governments as well, unless that’s where that process starts from in the first place.

Like ‘nature’ the government isn’t any particular entity(s). It is a vague, mysterious authority that is said to control all those things we refuse to control ourselves.

Basic rights

A liability of absolute freedom is that within it is included the freedom to be un-free. If somebody whacks another then that other’s freedom to live becomes hindered. Some basic rights and limitations can guarantee maximum freedom for minimum loss of freedom, so that we can be as free as possible while we associate with each other.

The only liability of applying those rights and limitations below would be that controlling others by means of force would be impossible; which is a rather nice liability.

This is a proposal I’ve thought up:

1. It’s nobody’s legal duty to communicate with anything/anybody (persons, books, literally anything). Communication (when wanted by all parties involved) cannot be hindered either. We could make a long list with types of communications that should neither be enforced nor hindered; for example rape is a sort of enforced sexual communication, as sexual senses are means of communication too. But an endless list is not needed if communication as a whole is considered a right and not an obligation.

2. It’s nobody’s legal duty to like anything/anybody. Liking (when wanted by all parties involved) cannot be hindered either.

3. It’s nobody’s legal duty to agree with anything/anybody (orders, advices, anything). Agreeing (when wanted by all parties) cannot be hindered either.

4. Offering work and money can only be done voluntarily. And nobody can hinder another from working nor from offering money.

5. All contracts of all sorts are completely null, for an agreement made in a specific time cannot be considered valid for any longer than all parties continue to agree with it. That is to say, a contract is an enforced agreement in time, and that violates #3 above.

6. Agreements can be made how the land of the planet becomes distributed. Beyond that point each land owner is completely free to do as he wishes with his given land.  Nobody but him/her are allowed to enter nor to otherwise interfere without the owner’s rote permission. Those who disagree with the agreements above are entitled to make other agreements on other chunks of land. Not all are obliged to agree over the same rules. And each chunk of land (now days called a country) can live by it’s all agreed upon rules; and if somebody no longer agrees with them he can move to another country. There must be enough countries for all types of agreements. And apparently, a country should be reserved for those who don’t agree to live by any rules at all.

Although each country can (potentially) have it’s own government, the above rights and limits should be watched by a neutral government. And a second neutral entity (the guardians) should make sure that government does apply those rules indeed. Should that government no longer be neutral it will get discharged.

Everyone must have the right to be in direct contact with the neutral government at any time from any place, so as to ask for assistance when needed. But precautions must be taken so that right wont be abused by people who’d waste that government’s time with false reports or other irrelevant things.

7. A country can decide to disagree with those rules above, and it should be free to do so. However, no resident can be held in that country without his free will, otherwise the neutral government will forcefully set him free.

8. Nobody can be held in any place without his will. Only if a person goes rogue (violates other’s rights) he can be limited in his own land, until the situation gets handled. Privacy without external interference will be the only equivalent of what is today called ‘punishment’, which is a rather counter-productive practice for both the violator and the violated.

One will have endless chances to redeem himself, which redeeming should be proportional to the damage done. However, redeeming will not be enforced.

9. The violating other’s rights will be the only case where one’s rights will be violated too, in order for seclusion to exist, and protect the rest from having their rights be violated. However, the right to privacy in one’s own land will under no circumstances be revoked for anyone.

10. As long as one does not violate the rights of others, he has full rights over himself –that is to say the controlling of his body, his thoughts, emotions, possessions –anything that is considered ‘his own’ and ‘himself’.

Two or more can agree to control or to be controlled each other, but only for as long and as much as they agree. A human being cannot be considered the property of another, regardless of age.

None of the above is meant to reduce the significance of common possessions and activities, of communication, love, agreements, associating with each other as friends, partners, lovers etc. But to rather ‘heal’ those things by making them voluntary; as I am convinced that when something becomes enforced it breeds problems and then another enforcement becomes needed in order to solve that, and more enforced measures breed needs for more enforced counter-measures, and those cycles never end, but in ashes. Thus I also see no point in fighting for any political ideology to dominate all ideologies. Thus, I’m not getting into details concerning economic systems. It is obvious not all want the same. But if each one and each group can have what they want then there wont be any problem, unless to control everyone and everything is what they actually want. Some have wanted that, but they cannot be allowed to bring that about at the expense of everybody else’s freedom.

It is obvious we are going through a period of transition. The globe used to be divided based on language and race, but that is now fading, and along with that older control methods are fading as well. The internet has even brought about alternative digital currencies that are -by far- superior to national currencies, and if left unchecked will certainly soon check national currencies (do you know you can get a debit card that automatically converts your bitcoins to $ and you can even withdraw from ATMs with it?). And even if that becomes suppressed by law, something new will soon pop-up. The globe is becoming united while on the same time more divided than ever on a political level. Now is the best time for something new to exist. We can have some significantly greater freedom of choices on both an individual and a social level, and a neutral authority to act as a referee and to ensure just that could be a good solution.

Our forbidden potential

It is pretty common to hear now days -particularly by specific political factions- that poverty exists due to laziness and/or disability. And it is also pretty common to hear -by other specific political factions- that such attributes are inherent, and permanent, and thus no blame should be assigned to such people.

It would all be easy if there was some particular group or groups that were evil, and on the opposite side there were some good guys that compensated for that evil. Alas, it is not like that. A somewhat clever enemy plays on both sides, tries to control both sides, and he never appears as a bad guy, as an enemy.  That is betrayal.

A truth about this matter is that past a point in recent history efforts were made to make humans fit in a machine, so they will operate factories and other parts of a greater machine called society. That’s what they envisioned, although that plan never came to complete fruition and never will.

It was one of those machine owners that made what is called today education a compulsory right. I don’t know what sense it makes to have something be compulsory and a right on the same time. But that’s what he did. The asserted reason why he did that was -of course- to have a clever, educated population, since he was a caring philanthropist. The actual reason was that he wanted to determine what thoughts humans would be carrying in their heads, as well as what thoughts they would refuse to carry. And that never fully worked out either, and never will.

A problem with having a human fit in a machine is that his desires, appetites, interests, opinions, thoughts… are unlimited. And being unlimited he is not interested to be part of a machine. He must become limited. And some have been very busy doing that to people. But that’s old news, it didn’t just start in recent history. What new occurred in recent history was that the technology to develop actual machines and factories was developed. It wasn’t developed to enslave man of course, it was developed to help him. There is nothing wrong with technology itself. There is nothing wrong with science itself. There is everything wrong with misusing those things and giving them a bad name –much like it’s happened with philosophy, spirituality, religion, art and so on. Those things are neither good nor bad all by themselves. What makes them good or bad is the intention(s) behind them.

I as an ordinary simple person have had a variety of interests. And I have developed a variety of skills too, which I can use with ease. Alas, I am not allowed to. I could repair the majority of problems you computer could have. I could help a person feel better about his or her divorce and -why not- even repair (undo) the divorce itself, if that’s what is wanted. I could help a company run much much smoother. I could help a physically ill person recover much faster, and many other things. Alas, if I freely did that somebody would get his feelings hurt. I could point out some such people but it doesn’t matter. What matters is I am forced to only be occupied with a single profession that I mastered in less a few months, and I’ve been practicing for years. And I have no more interest in it, but I have to practice it in order to make some money. And my other skills are wasted. If I used them somebody would approach and ask me ‘where is your license to use your skills? Well, ‘where is your license to ask me for I license?’ I should normally ask, but that would be too reasonable for such people. What matters is what I could offer is limited that way, what another could receive is limited as well, and my wallet is thus limited too.

The convincing people they are limited in potential is intentional, and poverty is intentional too, as well as a byproduct of convincing people their potential is limited. It has nothing to do with ‘laziness’ nor with inherent disabilities. Inherent physical disabilities are rare, and some of those can be repaired too. Most are ‘gained’ by being subjected to some elements inside our society. Some are glad about the disabilities of others, and it doesn’t mater which political wing they claim to belong to. It doesn’t matter if somebody accuses you of being disabled if he doesn’t help to become able. He only causes harm that way. And similarly it doesn’t matter if somebody sympathizes with your being disabled if he doesn’t help you become able. He too only causes harm that way, perpetuating that condition. And anyway it isn’t true that you are not able.

In life ability equals to freedom. If an endless ocean of options you can never get caught. If your options are limited, you can get caught. And you can even be made to think those options are ‘freedom’. For thinking like that is part of a previous limitation of options you’ve had.